We are living in a crazy, even scary, time right now.  With the world on lockdown […]
This winter has had some strange weather, even by Virginia standards.  Cold enough in late November […]
I love a good gravel ride.  And, apparently, so do many, many other people!  Gravel riding […]
Wheel bent?  Can it be fixed?  Learn a bit about wheel truing in this short vid.
If you are like me, you like to see how fast you are going and how […]
For many decades, bicycle tires have come with inner tubes inside their tires.  But about 20 […]
Why do cyclists wear such funny clothes?  Their shirts and shorts are so tight-fitting; they look […]
Just like doing anything with friends makes it more enjoyable, cycling with friends is usually more […]
What is your favorite trail to ride?  And I’m going to define “trail” very loosely here: […]
Ever taken a really long ride, maybe further than you meant to go, and found yourself […]