We have lots of great mountain biking in the area, but there is a ton of awesome mountain biking around the country.  Last month, my son and I got a chance to go explore some new territory for us: Moab, Utah.  The riding was very different than what we have here.  For one, there were no trees.  Well, a few, but they were more like shrubs.  Lots of rocks, which wasn’t too dissimilar to what we ride, but the soil was a good bit sandier.  The elevation made for quite a big difference, too.  We were 3-4,000 feet higher than our usual riding, which made climbing more difficult than usual.

Riding in a new place really tests your skills.  You don’t know what’s coming up, so you always have to be ready.  Sometimes we’d have to stop and check out the feature that turned out to really be something simple, but we just hadn’t known what was around the corner.  Then we’d have to go back to ride it.  But most of the time, we just trusted my abilities and rolled on through.

I’ve posted some pics of our adventures below.  You can check out more on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/elementsports1

Where is a new place you have explored?  I know I am excited for the next new place I can go!

wall drop

Slickrock Trail

Slickrock at Moab Brand Trails

Hymasa Trail

A view on the Lunch Loop trails in Grand Junction, CO

Porcupine Rim. There is a trail in this picture, I promise



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