The most common component on a bicycle that we replace here in the shop are inner […]
Here at Element Sports, we have seen first-hand the growth of the sport of mountain biking […]
I should have updated the page a long time ago, but we have been so very […]
E-bikes have grown in popularity the last few years, and for good reason.  They’re fun, economical, […]
We have lots of great mountain biking in the area, but there is a ton of […]
We are living in a crazy, even scary, time right now.  With the world on lockdown […]
This winter has had some strange weather, even by Virginia standards.  Cold enough in late November […]
I love a good gravel ride.  And, apparently, so do many, many other people!  Gravel riding […]
Wheel bent?  Can it be fixed?  Learn a bit about wheel truing in this short vid.
If you are like me, you like to see how fast you are going and how […]