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Josh's Journal

Now that it is July, summer is kicking into high gear and it is getting warm outside!  Make sure you stay safe while you are having fun out in the heat.  (And do go out -- it really is not that bad out in the heat if you are prepared for it.)

Make sure to take plenty of fluid with you.  Many people don't realize just how much water they need.  If it's 90* out, you should aim for 24-40 ounces of water each hour, even more if you are riding or playing hard.  Overheating, dehydration, heat exhaustion are not fun.  But they can be easily avoided by just making sure to take in enough liquids.

Also, don't forget to protect your skin.  Use sunblock with SPF 30 or higher on any exposed skin.  Remember, you can even get sunburned on an overcast day during the summer.

Finally, take regular breaks from the heat.  If you haven't spent much time out in the heat to build up a tolerance, it may not be the wisest idea to go for a 5 hour non-stop adventure during the hottest part of the day.  Take a break in some shade, or even get inside for a bit.

Stay safe and have fun out there!